Kiev-Basket was defeated by Rilski, but reached the 1/8 of the FIBA ​​European Cup

Kiev-Basket was defeated by Rilski, but reached the 1/8 of the FIBA ​​European Cup

In the final round of the group stage of the FIBA ​​Europe Cup Kiev-Basket was defeated by Rilski with a score of 69:74 (21:13, 20:15, 15:29, 13:17).

The Kievans started the meeting very well, confidently gaining the upper hand in the first two quarters. However, then the wards of Ainars Bagatskis began to have serious problems in the third quarter, when the Bulgarians caught the courage and took the lead. In the fourth quarter, the game was even, but Rilski’s three-point attack 40 seconds before the siren put Kiev-Basket in a very precarious position.

But, in the end, the team lost with a difference of 5 points, and this is what allowed Kiev-Basket to get a ticket to the 1/8 finals of the tournament, leaving the second place in the group with two defeats in the passive.

FIBA European Cup. Group B.

Kiev Basket – Rilski Sportsman – 69:74 (21:13 1xbet APK, 20:15, 15:29, 13:17)

Kiev BasketPeople: Vladislav Koreniuk (13), Bruce Messi (7), Bogdan Bliznyuk (15), Artem Kovalev (6), Michael Jacobson (3), Alexander Sidoruk, Evgeny Sakhnyuk, Pavel Krutous, Sergey Pavlov (7), Alexander Mishula (11) ), Travin Thibodeaux (7).

Rilski SportsmanCast: Deyan Karamfilov (8), Nikolai Georgiev, Trey Porter (2), Alex Simeonov (5), Brandon Brown (15), Georgi Adirkov, Zlatin Georgiev (6), Tikhomir Zhelev (6), Pavlin Ivanov (15), Miroslav Vasov (2), Borislav Nikolov, Nicholas Carvacho (15).

Note that Prometheus, who won three victories in the group stage, came out from the first place.

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