Re: New Chateau Diaries or any other chateau avenues

Re: New Chateau Diaries or any other chateau avenues

I’m happy someone else is leaving comments here, I am awesome dreaming about so it bond to obtain bigger and perhaps anybody which includes behind-the-scenes goss can also be jump in the. I’ve way too many questions relating to it family relations as well as their history, hahah.

Do not know if she’s an effective narcissist, I really think rather one to their mommy is one. I detest how Stephanie skips to and you will pretends everything is like a laugh thereby lovely. I got a buddy particularly this lady and you will she is actually all the into the law from interest, this idea that you are not allowed to actually ever glance at the ebony otherwise bad stuff. She is proper unhinged this 1, don’t enable it to be herself as unfortunate otherwise resentful, however you can expect to just end up being pent up aggression off her all of the time when you find yourself she beamed and you can chuckled. Decided not to manage criticism at all. Stephanie along with her mom both look like that for me, an abundance of unsolved problems that are swept beneath the rug.

So i is actually super charmed by the woman at first, but shortly after enjoying so many vlogs We have only acquired off the girl behaviour

She should pay the regulars on chateau about: Selmar, Marie, one Portuguese woman that would the administrator. Seriously they receive money something, no. I spotted with the Facebook one to a woman likewise has now volunteered to-be an online assistant 100% free for your social news stuff. We was previously a Virtual assistant and it also boils my personal bloodstream to think someone does this 100% free whenever A lot of people is actually anxiously trying to find paid down secluded performs like that.

Individuals who pretend to be sweet all day is actually covering up a great nastier front. Typically. She seems like a nightmare to get up to. Truthfully, Really don’t get why somebody even would need to volunteer. it isn’t a historical assets. It had been immediately after possessed as the a secured item because of the a close relative regarding Louis XIV and you may she probably never actually went here on an effective unmarried go out. There’s a distinction in volunteering in the state Audley Prevent House in britain, a bonafide historical property and you will a good pseudo thrown with her castle with very little historical some thing other than this building itself. The newest reddish living area may be out of tacky plus don’t get me already been on her behalf dad’s fingerpaintings everywhere.

A lot of fan females apparently need certainly to get married your but he or she is naturally gay but he’s not comfy discussing that otherwise getting his real thinking

It absolutely was interesting getting sometime however she’s just milking this lady fans to have everything you she will be able to rating. She rushes so you’re able to launch you to definitely Cadeaux at Chateau 2nd station however, i haven’t heard cover up nor nair about the collaborative energy having Michael Petherick once again and though she actually is currently shot on her otherrr channel which have Oliver, she actually is possessing you to video footage in some way up to later. They shows this lady actual goals. Including, provides there already been a falling out together with her and you will Michael Petherick? An abrupt decreased says and all sorts of its preparations frequently have remaining out of the window. Theres absolutely no way she’ll manage to bypass to different Chateaux that have Michael P if shes and doing so almost every other people route that have Oliver. I smelling a rift. You know she’s to get furious envious during the how fast Michael shot to popularity and you will surpassed the lady in order to be truthful, I don’t get it often. I have found his videos and you can personality dreadfully terrifically boring. I mean, the all B move. His personality sucks at minimum Madame Stephanie is a bit truthful on the girl lives, we know the girl ex boyfriends, her mommy, etc. We really know-nothing in the Michael. That is unconventional on the twenty-first century.

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